Monday, June 26, 2006

Here a right, there a right, everywhere a right right. Right!

Well, I spoke with the condo developer this morning and was shot down. He tells me that ramping the balcony would not be possible, levelling it even more impossible. I told him that was discrimination, to which he replied it was not. Well, I called the Human Rights Commission, and they agree with me. So, I emailed the developer back and asked him to clarify some of what we talked about. I was extremely upset when I talked to him and when I hung up I hadn't processed all the details. I emailed and asked exactly how high the lip out to the balcony was, and said that if it were only 4 inches, that would mean a ramp of maybe 12-18 inches and I asked for clarification as to whether that was not possible. During our conversation, he had mentioned something about building envelopes and how they were in place to prevent water from entering the condo and causing damage to the buildng. I mentioned in the email to him that a ramp would still have all the water rolling down, and not in the unit. He also said all the balconies had to be uniform. I asked if I could build a ramp myself as well. I haven't heard back from him yet, but if answers me to the negative, then I will go ahead and tell him I spoke with the Human Rights Commission and that they feel I have grounds for a complaint and that the building would have to try to accomodate me.

I have been absolutely unproductive at work today. I've holed myself in with the door shut. I've stopped crying, so that's a good thing, but I am so angry and feel so very helpless... and can't forget tired.

Over and out.

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