Monday, November 27, 2006

Work sucks!

Wow, haven't posted for over a month. Time sure does fly. A lot has happened, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately, so I've let it slide. But, to be honest, it's 3:10, I'm at work, and I don't feel like being here, so I am blogging to waste time.

Well, I'm in my new condo and things are going well. I am toooooooootally house poor now, but I just paid off my visa bill in the full yesterday, so I am feeling pretty relieved about that. Debt makes me nervous. I had my first thing break already... a kitchen cupboard hinge came out of the wood. Curtains aren't up yet, but are in the works. I have a list of a whole bunch of stuff to be done and bought, but I'm deferring most of it so I can put it on my Christmas list. And I'm getting a kitty! I'm a bit nervous... I hope I don't kill it by neglect ;).

Work is work. I'm in a position now I don't really love. I interviewed for my 5th try at a permanent position since working here (7th in total, including covering positions) only to be turned down once again. I am getting discouraged. Very discouraged. Office politics. Office rumours. I heard the person who got the job applied after the deadline. All sorts of stuff like that. Makes me wonder if they see me fitting into this organization. I've been here long enough to be the casual now with the most seniority, but I've been told that seniority doesn't always play a big part in the hiring process. My supervisor (who is not involved in the hiring process) tells me to take what I hear with a grain of salt and that there is no foul play involved in the process. It's hard to believe her sometimes. I made an appointment to sit down with my boss and get some feedback to see how I'm doing, if I'm improving in the interview process, and ask what it's going to take to become permanent. It's hard to keep going for interviews when I keep losing out to other applicants.