Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here we go again

I had my 5th interview for an internal job at the place I work. For the 5th time, I didn't get it. Instead, my boss asked if I am interested in covering someone going on a maternity leave for a year. It's in the same general department as the other permanent job I didn't get. I'll probably end up taking it, but when you cover someone for a year you don't get any benefits as you're not a permanent staff member. No vacation pay, no sick pay, no holiday pay. If you don't work, you don't get $$$. The compensation for that is extra pay in lieu of, which is pretty good. However, the other down side is that you can't apply for a permanent job for the first 6 months of being in a long-term casual position. That sucks. Going from contract to contract with that restriction makes it hard to get the permanent positions. Damn damn damn damn damn. There's also a very good chance the person I'm covering may not come back to that position after her maternity leave, as she wants part-time. Obviously this means that I could apply for the position I'd be in for the next year at the end. It's just also not one of the areas that I've enjoyed the most. But, I do have a mortgage to pay and a new condo to tend to. So maybe I should just stop whining, shut up and take the damn job. It's not such a bad alternative, I know. I'm just tired of being second choice all the time. I'm not afraid of paying my dues and earning my spot, but.. over 2 years and 5 interviews within the same place. It's frustrating. My boss did tell me that I did a great job during the interview and that I've improved a lot in the interview process and that I did take all her feedback into consideration from the last time and acted on it. That's good, really. But damn it, I want my turn at stability! I know... whine, whine, whine ;).

Then, on Thursday, while waiting for the bus, I ran into a woman from the place I worked for a bit last winter. You remember the same indecision I wrote about back then, I'm sure. Anyway, she called me on Friday and said they had lots of work and that she could almost guarantee 100% that I would become permanent. I have to call her back Monday, but I know I still don't want to work there. As frustrating as it is to wait out the jobs where I am now, I am happy there. I feel stimulated.