Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm having a blah day. It's been one of those weeks where everything seems to be a struggle and not much seems to go my way. I still think this condo thing is going to work out, but let me tell you, it has been tough! I have talked to a zillion different people and organizations in my city with not much positive outcome. I finally ended up emailing the newspaper with my story as I have been so frustrated. I was supposed to meet with the building interior designer on Friday. She didn't show up. When I called her 20 minutes after we were supposed to meet, she answered her cell phone and said "oh, well, I have to go home and feed my kid before she has to go back to school and I really should talk with the architects first before we meet." Don't you think she should have mentioned to me that she wasn't going to meet me when she figured out all that other stuff? She called me back later to tell me she had spoken with the project developer who was not willing to make changes to the balcony plans because "he feels he has already made enough concessions for the building to be accessible". Umm... what the hell???? He's building a building where people in wheelchairs can't get on the unit balconies, nor can they get on the pool deck. What the hell IS accessible about the building? The freaking front door? The fact that it's a 20 some storey building with ELEVATORS?? Well! Thank you very much for your kind consideration in making those amenities accessible. How freaking whiny of me to expect you to actually make the LIVING SPACE accessible. Holy freaking god.

Anyway, on speaking with my brother, we thought building a ramp would be the best way to go. I looked in the yellow pages and found a company that makes custom built ramps. One that would be removeable or foldable would be cool. I'll call them tomorrow to see what they have to say. I still can't believe 8 inches can be such a freaking hellish experience.

So Saturday, I headed to the gym to get my dose of eye candy and adrenaline, as well as to let go of some angst. Instead, Sunday guy is there. I say hello and politely ask him what he's doing there on a Sunday. (I'm very proud of myself for not blurting out "What the hell are you doing here taking the place of beautiful Saturday guy, you bastard?"). Turns out at Sunday guy's request, they've switched schedules for the summer. Former Saturday guy now works during the week when I'm at work. I may not see him until September, or ... ever! This was especially upsetting after last week when I finally had a bit of a longer convo than the previous disastrous one. I had this week all planned out too. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

My washroom project website is not showing up in Google. Not sure what's up with that. I've gotten no replies about it. Blah.

Oh, and I went to see The Breakup today. Blah.

On a non-blah note, I met up with this woman from a writing class I had taken. We are going to meet every couple of weeks in an effort to keep the motivation to write and bounce stuff off each other.

Tomorrow's Monday. Blah.

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Disability Blogger said...

re:"My washroom project website is not showing up in Google. Not sure what's up with that. I've gotten no replies about it. Blah."

What's the name of the site? I could probably give you some feedback on this issue.