Saturday, July 28, 2007

OMFG I've died and gone to heaven!!!!!

I will stray once again from my disability topic to say that finally, after 26 years of waiting and hoping, I, Ranter, HAVE SEEN THE POLICE IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!! The first show I saw was amazing! The first time is always so special and in many ways you can't beat it. The second show was better in that it was a different city and the crowd there just went NUTS!!! I saw the first show alone, the second with my oldest friend from high school, which made it better to. Before the show she told me "I can't wait to see you go nuts!!" Oh, and I did go nuts! I screamed my freaking head off the entire time! They played pretty much all their big hits, with a few less known favourites thrown in, like The Bed's Too Big Without You, Regatta de Blanc, and Voices Inside My Head, and Next to You. Of course any respectable fan of The Police knows those songs ;). What was that absolute greatest thing about the concerts though, was that they consisted on stage of just Sting, Andy, and Stewart! No backup band! No backup singers!!! Phenomenal!!! And man, did they perform! I had seen Sting in concert a zillion times, and Andy twice, but never had the chance to see Stewart and I was mesmerized watching him beat the crap out of those drums! He had not only drums to look over though, he had a whole set of percussion, gongs, etc to work with and he sometimes had to leave his seat to reach another part of the set-up, and then hurry back to his seat for more. He did this with such fluidity and ease and talent, that I was blown away! I felt so honoured to be given this chance finally to see the 3 guys together. Their music was solid, and they gave a whole new feel to the songs, whose arrangement they played with so we weren't hearing the same old album versions. And it was great to hear Sting chanting the unforgettable "ee-oh, ee-yay, ee-yay yo"s!!! After such a long wait, my boys did not disappoint!! It feels amazing to say "I saw The Police!!" finally!! So I caved and bought more tickets for the fall. I can't wait!! :)


Tom Webb said...

Hi Ranter,
Just stumbled across your blog --really good stuff! While I don't use a wheelchair, I do use two canes and can relate to many of your postings.

Anyhow, looking forward to reading more in the future.
Best, -Tom

Philip. said...

I'm going to see the Police this October in Manchester.

I can't wait!!

Disability Blogger said...

Congrats on seeing them. I would have made the attempt to do so, but I'm concertedout for the year. I think I'll pull out Zenyattà Mondatta and put on "When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around". I actually still have the LP.