Friday, July 20, 2007

Membership does have its perks

As I sit here on my lunch break continuing my munch fest, I am ruminating over all the perks there are to being in a wheelchair. I thought it was time, as I've spent a lot of time on the negatives. I was talking to someone today about how I had snagged tix to two The Police concerts and they asked me how I managed to do that. I started to reply that I had called the second they went on sale, and kept redialing for about 40 mins, and kept on hold for about 20 more until a sales agent came on and I got my tix. But then I thought. Wheelchair seating doesn't get sold out necessarily at the same rate as the regular seating, so if I hadn't been needing wheelchair seating, I'd most likely have been out of luck. Also, when traveling to these concerts, I will travel by train most likely. Although I can get out of my chair, the wheelchair tie-down area is located in 1st class where we get all the extra luxury at regular fare. At general admission concerts, wheelchairs can often push their way to the front so they get a better view. Ok, I'm sure there are more perks somewhere, especially outside of concerts, but that's all I can come up with for now.


stacey said...

i get in free at two of the movie theaters in my town; apparently there was a big class action over the fact that they didn't have accessible setting and they resolved it by letting wheelchair users get in free. sweet perk! :)

Philip. said...

The Police ickets were sold out here in the UK and I only got 2 tickets because I'm in a wheelchair - damn, it's nearly worth being wheeled around just to get these perks :-)

Anonymous said...
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