Monday, December 11, 2006

Subhuman standards once again

I went to this play on the weekend with 2 friends. I had been to this theatre before with no problem. They have this contraption that they bring out that is like a little platform that they put on the aisle slope so you can wheel on it and make it even. The last time I went, they put this right beside the person I was sitting with. This weekend there were big problems with that. Apparently the fire marshall was enforcing strict regulations of wheelchairs not being put in the aisles. This is pretty standard in Canada. However, I was not told this when I made my reservations. And considering I was able to sit near my friend the last time, I assumed I would be able to do so again. Not the case. The platform had to be set up, not only against the wall on the other side of the aisle, but a few rows down as the entrance was right where the bought seats were. I voiced discontentment and the reply was immediately "we have no choice, there are regulations from the fire marshall we must follow". There was no apology, no voiced understanding of my frustrations. Most importantly, no clarification of this when I called to buy the tickets in the first place. They are talking about renovating the place to include taking out a row in the front for wheelchairs, but this would still not allow your companion to sit beside you, it would require them to sit behind you in the next row. Oh, and to top things off? Where is the accessible entrance to the theatre??? Yep, right next to the dumpster. Classy, eh? I am so sick and tired of less than adequate plans made to accomodate people with disabilities. I am so sick and tired of people spewing off excuses such as fire marshall regulations. Granted, I understand fire marshall regulations are real, but I do not for an instant believe that there is not a way to accomodate wheelchairs AND fire safety regulations. It can be done, it just takes some thought and work, people. God forbid. One of my friends I went with was actually more incensed than I was. I will, however, be writing a letter about this. Not impressed, folks. Not impressed.


Anonymous said...

I live in the U.S. My daughter is a wheelchair user. I'm shocked at how many public venues we go to where there is a specific place for chair users that requires her to sit by herself. She's 11 and pre-verbal! I can't tell you how many hissy fits I've had to throw. My son (13 y.o.) has begun to make comments (to whomever is unfortunate enough to have to deal with us) referring to the civil rights movement's "separate but equal" accomodations. "Oh, THIS is where the second class citizens have to themselves", and the like. I'm proud of him, but wish he didn't have to stick up for his sister. They don't get it. It's hurtful and ridiculous.

Karen said...

I'm sick and tired of it too. I have spent countless hours trying to set up sign language interpreters for various events and endured poor seats, poor lighting and poor interpreters.

Anonymous said...

hi! same mom from above. It's amazing, isn't it, how every a-hole who knows the manual alphabet thinks he's effing Gallaudet! I sign to my daughter (majored in Deaf Studies in college). My mom learned a few signs from sign dictionary or internet and tries to tell people about "Deaf culture"! Drives me CRAZY! A few of the 'interpreters' I have known know less ASL than I do, and I would NEVER try to pass myself off as qualified! It's just too important! Good luck finding dependable, accurate interpreters who don't think they're God's gift to Deaf people!

Anonymous said...

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