Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's a long way down!

So I finally had my renovations done to my condo. Of course these renovations have led to further need for work. I put a pedestal sink in my bathroom and took out the old sink with cupboard underneath and reversed the direction of the bathroom door to open outward instead of inward. Now I can get in and close the door without having to take off my footpedals. In fact, I can now do a complete 360 in there with the footpedals on. Woo hoo!! Small nuisance though is that now with the way the door had to be put back on, it is on the other side of the frame and now the light switch, which is outside the bathroom, is now behind the door when open. So I have to remember to turn on the light before I open the door. The bigger nuisance is that there were no tiles underneath the sink cupboard, so I have to retile. I am in a model condo suite that had the original tiles that were installed by the building. There is hope that some of those original tiles still exist so I can just retile 8 tiles instead of the whole bathroom. I hope this works, as I really like those tiles... and don't relish the idea of having to retile the whole floor.

A ramp was also put out to the balcony, with a wooden platform put outside so that it is level with the 3 inch threshold to get out. My balcony is very small, and my building is L-shaped so I can see others across on my right. They are very close. We are all very high. I went out there for the first time on Friday and realized just how bad my fear of heights actually was! All that work and I really want to be out on my balcony, but I get vertigo-like within minutes. Sigh.

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