Saturday, February 24, 2007

5 months and counting!

I am seeing The Police! I got tickets to TWO shows!!!! (Yes, I'm THAT crazy!). There is rumour that they may be adding more dates at the end of the tour. Yay!!! I was listening to one of the live bootlegs I have yesterday and I was sooooo excited! I finally got my surgery date, and my main concern was that it would conflict with the concert. That just wouldn't do! But, alas, I am safe. Woo hoo!!

5 months! 5 months and counting!!


imfunnytoo said...

HeHe! They're coming to Denver too....but I haven't the funds at the moment.

Ranter said...

Awwww! I'm so sorry to hear that! Luckily, I found the prices pretty affordable. Although, I wish I could pay top dollar to sit in the front row. In a freakin' heartbeat, man. In a freakin' heartbeat!! For me this is the "I can die now" concert I've been waiting for all my life. Ok, so my "to do before I die" list is pretty short.. I'm lazy, what can I say. ;) When I told a friend of mine I had bought tix for both cities, she laughed at me and asked "isn't that a bit excessive??" Sigh. :)

goodeda1122 said...
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