Thursday, September 28, 2006

Personal space

For someone who used to be very anti-blogging, I'd like to note that this is my fiftieth post and I've been at it almost a year. I think a little "eating of words" is in order. Ahem.

Having said that, I'll move right along to today's rant. Personal space. This is a tricky one as it is different for each person, dependent on their experience, upbringing, culture, customs, or any other number of issues. I work as a social worker and I am constantly confronted by people who use space in all sorts of different ways. Some take up waaaaay too much. Others seem insecure to even take an extra millimetre. Some expect you to take more, others expect you to shut the hell up. It's amazing that so many of us can click. Connect on that intimate level. Find others who share our space perspective. Or just not care about the fact that others' space ideas are different from our own.

This morning I had to go for a blood test and a urine culture (that's a whole other story.. urine culture containers are NOT female friendly! I feel like I need a bath). I was not allowed to eat before this test so by the time it was done, I was famished. In line for breakfast, I someone behind me in line was leaning on my chair. By the time I looked around they were gone, but I have to say that is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It is one thing for someone who knows you very well to do that, but I get very offended when strangers do it. It's like an extension of me and I really resent that people don't respect that. I have never actually mustered up enough courage to say something when I find people doing that. Instead I revert back to the evil look. That's my thing. I've got that evil look mastered. Except for the "having it work" part. It often works, but not always. Is this a pet peeve of anyone else? Are you vocal about it? What do you do? Is it wrong to expect people to see that as personal space and to stay away?


imfunnytoo said...

Not at all. Our assistive devices are part of our personal space...*not* a grab bar for a are right to be disturbed...

AL Masters said...

I agree with you -- my wc is a part of me. I see you type of comments made by others, as well as me. I blogged about a Boston area story where a lady had her wc stolen while watching a sporting event. Although, you would never find me out of sight of my wc, that was not my real issue with the story, rather how the police handled it. They basically made an agreement with the teenage thief's atorney that if the cahir was returned, no charges would be filed. The store was done with an almost humerous tone. I rote the reporter and she promply repiled that she did not find the story humerous, and that others were also complaining about the ploices action.
My WC is my legs...nuff' said.

AL Masters said...

Man, oh man...I need to watch my spelling...sorry about the errors.

Liz said...

I am very practiced at immediately saying "Please don't touch my wheelchair" to people. "I prefer that you not lean on my wheelchair. In fact, please don't touch it, I consider it an extension of my body."

Would you believe, sometimes they argue with me and keep doing it!

I have also yelled at people as follows:

HEY!!! You! You in the red shirt! Come back here! Next time, bump into the person who could move out of your way the easiest. Why did you choose to bump against me and my chair, and not against THAT OTHER PERSON standing there?"


a good "teachable moment" for a crowd.