Friday, May 26, 2006

Condo dilemmas

So, I've decided to buy this condo. However, I'm still vascillating between 2 choices. My big dilemma is such: I can buy a small condo with a parking space that I can rent out monthly, or I can buy a bigger condo with no parking for pretty much the same price. I don't have a car. A parking space can, however, add to the resale value of the condo should I decide to leave one day, which I very well will do, especially if it's a smaller condo. My brother is trying to convince me that I shouldn't buy a condo without a parking space, as not many people would want a condo without a parking space and selling at a good price could be difficult. More space would, however, be nice. Hmmmmmm.......

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Steven desJardins said...

For what it's worth, I'm currently trying to sell my condo and parking space, and I had more luck selling them separately than together. (Until the buyer backed out of a signed contract, but that's another story.) Lowering the price on the apartment got more people inside to take a look.

(I had a car when I bought the apartment, but after I lost the ability to turn my head I stopped driving.)