Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A big ray of sunshine after a long season of rain

My summer hasn't been great. It's not been terrible, I mean I did get to see The Police (twice :)). But as a result of my obsession with the band and splurging on tix to 5 concerts, as well as having sporadic work, having had to take time off for surgery, working reduced hours, and having renovations done on my condo, as well as having my property tax raised, things have been financially strained. I have not done a lot of fun social stuff this summer, and am entering fall feeling I got a bit gypped from summer. I missed it. It was a write-off. I would, of course, do it again, if I had the chance to see The Police every summer, so I'm not complaining, just stating a reality.

Anyway, with the start of fall, some new things seem to be happening. I joined a community drama course. Makes me a little nervous, but it sounds like fun too. I also won the first round of an impromptu speech contest and will be advancing to the next, larger round. Again, a little nervous, but also excited.

And finally, I have been reconnecting with all sorts of people on Facebook. This past weekend a bunch of people from elementary school showed up and we're trying to plan a small get together for the next time I am back in my home town. Also, this weekend some other people from my online gaming days popped up. Because of this, I decided to take the plunge to email "The Guy", as he was one of these people. You know... from one of my previous posts. I was really nervous considering how things were left the last time. It's been 9 years. It seems like forever, and yet time has flown by. I emailed him early evening and by mid morning the next day I got this lovely long reply! He was glad to hear from me and said he had been thinking of me when The Police concerts were announced. So we're also planning to try to meet up when I go home, with his friend who I also knew from back then and both of their significant others. I am hoping that things will be different. He is with someone else, planning to have kids with her and get married, and that's okay. I realize how much I miss his friendship and just the way we used to talk. I am welcoming that back. It feels really good to know that after all that happened he was glad to hear from me. I know I have to keep my expectations in check, after all I know I still have feelings and probably always will. I don't expect him and I to be best buddies, and I certainly know that anything romantic between him and I is not in the cards. But I am ecstatic. I only wish 10 years hadn't gone by in the meantime.


Paul said...

I'm severely disabled - semi bedridden, doing a series of posts on health care.

If any of your "rants" include health insurance, I'd be interested in your perspective! I'd like to get input from others who have had to deal with the system long term.

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