Friday, February 17, 2006

Eight thousand three hundred and sixty-two

You know when you get that comment about how you better slow down or you'll get a speeding ticket? I've always wanted to get the nerve to just answer something like "8362". And when I get that puzzled look, I'll explain "the number of times I've been told that comment by someone who thinks they're the first and that they've just come up with something really, really funny."


The Goldfish said...

I have always wanted not to smile back, as I always do, thus adding to the person's belief that they are the first and have come up with something really funny.

The worst one was when I had to sit and wait for a crowd of elderly people who were chatting in a doorway. Eventually one of them heard my (ever polite) pleas to be allowed past, and over the next few minutes they gradually shuffled out of my way.

Then as I was passing some old codger said, "Women drivers, eh?!"


Skoot said...

Boy, do I know that feeling. People seem to have a lot of difficulty in realizing that the difference between "clever" and just plain "stupid" when they make such remarks. If my service dog is pulling my wheelchair pell-mel someplace, and someone makes a comment like that, I just say "NOT NOW!" I mean, for cripes sake, they ought not to open their mouths. For all they know, I could be late to a meeting, or in a hurry to get to an accessible bathroom or something. And, how fast I am going is none of their business anyway!