Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't go out alone at night, dear!

So two nights ago, I was out with my mother, my brother, and my mom's aunt and cousin who I hadn't seen in about twenty years. We went to dinner and finished about 8:00. We walked from the restaurant to my apartment building afterwards. I have to enter my building from the back door, which is in a large parking lot, because the front entrance has a step. It is now 8:30 and dark, but still what I consider very early. My mother, who is always overprotective, and likes to make a good impression on those around her, says we'll walk up the back street with you. From the street to my building's back door, is still a ways, because you have to go through the parking lot. I stopped when we got to the parking lot and said "this is me". Everyone's standing around talking. My mom says to me quietly "She wants us to wait until you get in". I said my goodbyes and head on in, not looking back, although I can hear them calling me to say goodnight as I got to the door. I was so angry!! I felt completely infantalized. Many would say that I'm overreacting, but when you get things like this ALL the time, it wears you down. Grrrrr!!

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